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2022 Beauty Trends

9 Beauty Trends To Get Behind In 2022

Trend #1: Neon Liner

There are no rules for NEON LINER, colors are endless, placement boundless, and the best part is that you don't need to worry about blending multiple shades to create a look. Neon liner is the answer to your makeup rut, and after a bit of practice, it's relatively easy! Get this look with Bodyography Pure Pigment or Vivid Bright Palette, just dampen an angled brush with Ready, Set, Go Setting Spray and line away!

Trend #2: Bold Lips

Bold Lips are always in style; how we wear them has changed. Red lips are no longer reserved for holiday parties and special events, but now they are the perfect pick me up for those work from home zoom meetings. From bright pink to vamp berry, there are hundreds of options to choose from. The best way to pick your shade is to understand your undertone; once you have your undertone mapped out, you can select a shade that complements your skin tone. We love Bodyography Lip Lava Liquid Lipsticks for this trend, as they come in 24 shades and last all day, even with a mask!

Trend #3: Minimalist Liner

We have the makeup muse EUPHORIA to thank for making floating minimal liner a daily occurrence. Floating liner is a fun and artistic way to bring color and interest into your makeup looks. You can opt for a haphazard abstract moment or create a negative space wing liner; the style is chic and very current. We love using shadow, Eye Pencils, and Shadow Stylist Crayons. Be inspired by the shapes around you and have fun with this unique trend.

Trend #4: Green Eye Shadow

Green eye looks are spamming our Pinterest pages and IG feeds, and for a good reason, this color looks great on everybody! There is a shade of green for any look and skin tone, and there is no shortage of options for eyeshadow styles. We love a simple liner moment, a blurred-out wash of color all over the lids, a sparkling halo effect, and even a deep emerald graphic eye. We love using Bodyography Shadow Stylist Crayon in Moss, Prism Glitter Pigment, Vivid Bright Palette, Urchin Pure Pigment, or Envy Eyeshadow to create this look.

Trend #5: Statement Blush

Bold blush, when applied correctly, is makeup's version of a smile; the cheerful makeup trend brings life and radiance to your skin and can even create a flattering lifting effect. The key to perfecting statement blush is blending, placement, color, and formula. Steer clear of circular blush and instead pull the blush up onto your cheekbones and slightly around the C of your eye; this creates lift and glow! Choose a shade that compliments your skin tone and play around with layering different textures and formulas. We love Bodyography Powder Blush as it comes in natural and flattering tones that can be layered to your desired intensity.

Trend #6: Soft Glam

Think elegant full glam makeup, but slightly toned down with natural soft colors and the perfect blend; this is soft glam. A new trend bursting on the scene for makeup enthusiasts, soft glam evokes a feminine feeling and enhances the natural face shape, highlighting cheekbones, flushed cheeks, pouty lips, and bedroom eyes. This makeup style can be dramatic or more realistic, but it is always glamorous. We love using the Bodyography Perfect Palette to achieve this look and our Award Winning Skin Slip Concealer to perfect the skin canvas.

Trend #7: Glitter

In 2022 Glitter is a present trend across the whole face, but we like it best on the lids as a simple wash of color or adding a light stream in the center of the lid like a halo. Non-plastic Glitter is making waves for its sustainability and comfort; like our Bodyography Glitter Pigments, this formula takes the cake, making applying Glitter as easy as a swipe of shadow! We love using the Bodyography Glitter Pigments all over the eye or adding a touch of sparkle to the lower lash line.

Trend #8: Two-Tone Eye

For those looking for a bold (but easy) eyeshadow look, you might be keen to try the two-tone eyeshadow trend. Simply apply a wash of color over the lid; any formula would work (matte, glitter, etc.) and choose a complementary shade for the other lid. We love these combos; orange and pink, turquoise and chartreuse, silver and gold, yellow and purple. We love our Vivid Bright Palette, Shadow Stylist Crayon, and Crystal Glide Liquid Eyeshadows to create these looks. For a more subtle approach, try a two-toned liner!

Trend #9: Natural Lined Lip

Like a subdued sister to the ever so popular '90s lip comes the natural lined lip, a defined yet natural pouty lip shade and technique. To achieve this trending naturally defined lip, you need a lip pencil 1-2 shades darker than your lip color, liquid lipstick, and a gloss (optional). Overline the lips slightly in the center of the top and bottom lip, pat on a nude liquid lipstick and pat a dot of gloss in the center, or skip the liquid lip entirely and just go for liner and gloss. The key is choosing the shades that work for you. We recommend Barely There Lip Pencil, Stripped Lip Lava, and Sugar Gloss for light skin and dark skin, Timber Lip Pencil, Naked Lip Lava, and Sugar Gloss.

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